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Sales Consulting

One of the most difficult challenges I faced as sales rep was generating qualified leads. 

No matter how good the product or service, if I couldn’t get meetings with the right people, there was no way I would make any sales.

Now at the time, I would ask around for help… and typically the advice I’d got was make more dials, send more emails, or my personal favorite, connect with them on LinkedIn.

But how did that make any sense? Hardly anyone picked up the phone, nobody was responding to my emails, and what exactly was I suppose to do on LinkedIn?

So to succeed, I had to take matters into my own hands— I read as many books as I could on modern selling, enrolled in the most advanced sales and communications courses, and eventually developed my own outbound sales methodology to get meetings with my dream clients using the most advanced outbound email strategies.

Since then, I’ve consulted and trained hundreds of sales and business development professionals with my methodology in creating a customer profile map, building a scalable lead generation machine using email, and ultimately producing a predictable stream of meetings every month to generate sales for my clients.

Now, if you’re ready to take your outbound lead generation to the next level and dominate your market, let’s talk.