I wonder if I’m going to keep in touch with my college friends, especially when everyone’s moving around to start their careers. Sure, we can make the effort and fly around the country to spend brief weekends together, but we get busy. 

Busy with work, busy with our new girlfriends, busy with whatever. I don’t blame anyone, keeping friendships alive isn’t always convenient. Some fade away and others stay strong. I can’t guarantee things will work out nor can I see into the future. But I do know this: the experiences and memories I share with all my friends are real— those will never fade away. 

The future’s fun, people come and go all the time. But the past is stern, it never forgets: the time we snuck into Porter Robinson’s show, late night conversations that go until the sun rises, or getting rejected at the club and sometimes not rejected ;). All memories I cherish deeply. 

Who knows what our friendships will look like a year from now. That’s perfectly fine. To have crossed paths with so many amazing people is more than enough.

And if, for any reason, we never see each other again, know that we’ll always have our shared memories etched within us.

Inspiration, TravelPatrick Dang