Murphey Trail 1 Patrick Dang

If your friends invite you to an action packed night of clubbing, but you have an 8 A.M. class the next morning say, “Yes!” If all your friends ask you to celebrate the end of finals at Tradies, but you have a class presentation in two hours and will probably give that presentation a little buzzed say, “Let’s do it!” And if a friend randomly wakes you up in the middle of the blistering hot afternoon (you’re sleep deprived) to go hiking in some valley you’ve never heard of, I wanna hear a “HELLZZZZ YEAH!”

Patrick Dang Murphey Trail Grafitti

Say “Yes” more often. Every time you say “No” you miss an opportunity to discover something new, you miss a connection to be made, and you miss that stroke of inspiration that may change your life.

Staying optimistic and practicing the habit of saying “Yes” opened a lot of doors for me. From crazy adventures around the world to meeting amazing people who influence my perspective on life. It’s also led me to this place, Murphy Ranch Trail.

Patrick Dang Murphy Trail Hiking

It was great bumping into so many young creatives working on their respective passion projects. The scenery on this trail is definitely next level. Never will you see something like this anywhere. I’m glad I said “Yes” to this trip because if I hadn’t, I would have missed out on this inspirational experience.

Patrick Dang Murhpy Trail Graffiti
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