Good Enough

Whenever I work on new projects, I have this need to make it perfect. I'll spend all my time chiseling away to make sure that when I put it out…it’s a masterpiece!

But what I’ve realized is that I don’t care whether or not it’s a masterpiece…I just want people to like it— to like me.

Isn’t it funny? When you create for the sake of self-expression but the idea of putting it out into the world can tighten you up. Suddenly, you have to make sure that it’s good or else people will question why you’re even doing it in the first place. 

Even as I write this blog, does it matter if people think I’m a good writer or not? For the last 2 years, that fear completely stopped me from publishing blogs at all. I mean, why would you want to put out something that might embarrass yourself?

But I've realized that’s not my style, that’s not me. I just got to do what I want to do.

Some people might like my work and some won’t, but from here on out, I’m just gonna do me.

And there'll be phases where I'm feel really confident and phases where I'm not...But something I'll keep in mind is that we're all good enough.